2nd Btn 333 Medic's Horse

Odeigne: Men of Hq. Co. 2Btn. 333 get friendly with a "Jerry" horse.
Steinruck, Robert H., Cpl., PH, R.A.CE., Erie, Pa. (H CO. 333)
Taulbee, James L. Pfc. R.A.CE., Logan Ohio
Skiles, Clifford E., Sgt. BS R.A., Bellveiw, Pa.
Smith (3 Smiths listed for HQ Co ):
........Clifford J., Pfc., R., Willow Springs, N.C. (probably not his man-had no Ardennes Battle star)
.........Robert B., Pfc., R.A.CE., Phoenix, Ariz.
.........Ward O., Tec 5, R.A.CE., Scranton, Pa.
Gill (on the horse), Linkin N., Tec 5, R.A.CE., Rio Vista, Calif.

While in Odeigne the Medical Detachment of the 2nd Bn. captured a German horse. Sgt. Ivy of Arkansas claims that this horse, even though her native land was Germany, had uncommon horse sense. This animal was first seen as it emerged from an enemy mine field, making its way toward our lines. The Bn. T-O did not authorize the use of animals to evacuate the wounded, but the "Book" had not been written to cover the problems that confronted us there in the Ardennes. The horse was promptly named "Ole Nellie", and a sled was found for her to pull. On Jan. 12 this horse and sled was used to evaluate 60 of the 110 casualties that passed through the aid station that day.*

When task forces were being formed to cross the Rhine, we were so completely motorized that no place could be found for "Old Nellie", the faithful horse that served the Bn's. Medical section through most of our operations in the Ardennes. Old Nellie's services were valued so highly by Captain Hazlett that a home was found for her with a Dutch family who had befriended the Medical Detachment during the days just prior to the Bn's entrance into combat. Those nearest "Old Nellie" were sad when she was loaded into the G. I. truck headed for Holland. They wished that she might 'grow old without turning gray and enjoy "horse happiness".*

*From 2nd Btn In the ETO by Ferell & Governale

In a phone conversation with Capt. Hazlett he told me they had 2 horses available for their use, but this horse had shoes for icey conditions. He thought it was a German artillery horse. He said the burgermister helped them obtain a sled.- Rick Bell, editor, son of Foster Bell 1st Sgt E333.


2nd Btn 333 Medic's Horse