Lindern, Germany

Near E333 2nd Plt. HQ in Lindern, Germany ~12 –16 Dec '44. (See attached map-near L Co. lines on map. E Co was in orchard after releiving L Co. Picture to lt. of orchard near Y intersection.)

Hyland, John J., S/Sgt, PH BS R.A.CE., Philadelphia, Pa. aptd Pfc 1.1.45, aptd. S/Sgt. 4.24.45
Barri, Bennie H., T/Sgt, R., Jenner, Calif. Aptd to 2nd Lt 12.16.44 (Plt. Sgt-Second Plt.)
White, Ralph W., Tec 4, SS R.A.CE., St. George, W. Va. (Medical Corpsman)
Owens, Warren D., Sgt, PH SS R.A., Aurella, lowa, Aptd Sgt fr Pfc 12.19.44 (KIA 1.10.45) .

Above ranks are rank at discharge.

Lindern, Germany
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